Monday 28 April 2014

Icelandic Invasion Tally - 26-28 April 2014

New areas searched today producing eleven new European Golden Plover at three locations. Five at Lumsden by Roger Willmott, three not far away at Cape Freels by Carol Sparkes and three new ones in a field in the Goulds by Ed Hayden. Amazing none were found at Cape Bonavista after 3 1/2  hours of scouring.  Good winds continue for a few more days. Other places searched today included Clarenville, Bellevue/Arnold's Cove and Spaniard's Bay/Harbour Grace areas.


two at Renews, Avalon Peninsula, 25-27 April
two at St. Paul's Inlet, Northern Peninsula, 27 April

one Renews, Avalon Peninsula, 26-27 April
three Cape Race, Avalon Peninsula, 26 April
six St. John's airport, Avalon Peninsula, 26 April
two Sally's Cove, Northern Peninsula, 26-27 April
two Pouch Cove, Avalon Peninsula, 27 April
one Goulds, Avalon Peninsula, 27 April
two Ferryland, Avalon Peninsula, 27 April

five Lumsden, East Coast, 28 April
three Cape Freels, East Coast, 28 April
three Goulds, Avalon Peninsula, 28 April

28 April 2014

29 April 2014

Almost lost in the Icelandic Vagrant hunting melee is unusual numbers of Snowy Owls present for late April.  Part of it seems to be a recent influx (last half of April). Birds are being reported from the TCH on the Avalon Pen even.  This photo is one of five present at Cape Bonavista 28 April 2014.

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