Friday 24 November 2017

Cackling Goose in Newfoundland - Fake News

Spent the last two days in the Codroy Valley in SW Newfoundland looking through waterfowl, especially geese. There were no rare geese except for this Cackler. It was exciting to come across this distinctive form of the Canada Goose that in 2004 gained full species rank! yah- right. What is wrong with distinctive subspecieses?  Anyhow... here is the bird.  

It was about 2/3 the size of the regular Canada Geese. It was also paler grayish. Always easy to pick out by the grayness when you could not see other features.  The short stubby bill and squared off head were classic Cackler.  The stocky short neck was usually apparent. A white ring around base of black neck was a bonus as only some of the Richardson's race of Cackler show this. Richardson's is the common widespread Cackler. The other three forms are Alaskan only breeders.

Below are pics of the bird. It was genuinely cute.  But for those with similar feelings on giving this form of Canada Goose species status I invite you to join the organization call SOS (Save Our Subspecies).  We also protest other species splits like Bicknells' Thrush and Salt Marsh Sparrow.