Monday 20 May 2013

Little Egret Interruption

Nothing like a duo of LITTLE EGRETS to shake things up a little.  Two Little Egrets showed up in Fairhaven, Placentia Bay (Isthmus of Avalon). Seems they arrived up on May 12 with word reaching the birding community on May 17. At least one has been visible for all who went for a visit.
Here are a couple of pictures taken today (May 20) on the way back from driving across the island. More later.

Two Little Egrets for the price of one. They showed no interest in one another perhaps indicating they are of the same sex.

This Little Egret found small fish in a brook.
A classic head pattern of Little Egret with the two thin plumes and blue lores. During the height of breeding season the lores can show yellow, the other bird has a yellowish wash in the lores closest to the eye.

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