Monday 4 August 2014

I am Bringing a Chair

Anything can happen to this projected path of tropical storm/hurricane Bertha between now and Thursday when it will pass closest to Cape Race. The path is all well out at sea, much of it beyond the continental shelf where bird life can be very sparse. However it will be in warm subtropical waters all the way. When it travels south of Nova Scotia and then hits the shelf edge at the southwest side of the Grand Banks and crosses the middle of the Grand Banks it will be going through some relatively productive waters.  The warm waters off the SW Grand Banks is poorly known but extrapolations from only slightly better known waters off the NS banks etc can send one's imagination of the possibilities into outer space.

I'll be happy enough if the storm keeps this track. I tend to be away when tropical storms affect Newfoundland. Not only will I be here for this one but I already have this whole week off for vacation time.  I am prepared to be a Cape Race for a big seawatch sit on Thursday. Good shelter behind the old foghorn house in a NE wind. I am bringing a chair.

[Image of probabilities of tropical storm force winds]

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  1. Good Luck Bruce. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia and did a beach walk yesterday hoping I might see some abnormal birds, but it must have been too far offshore to push anything in. I just saw the standard shorebirds this time. Will be hoping & waiting on the next storm!


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