Monday 22 April 2013

Weekend Photos in the Fog

It was pure fog on Saturday when Ken Knowles, John Wells and I did our 425 km round the Southern Avalon Loop trip. This includes side trips to Cape Race, St Shotts, Pt LaHaye etc - the full Loop deal.  We completed the Loop in record time because it was so foggy we could not see.  Photo opportunities were near zero in fog.  A pair of ptarmigan on the Cape Race road posed nicely in the pea soup and would have brought out the camera if it wasn't in the trunk.  Three female  Harlequin Ducks were rather close in Cripple Cove and the camera did come out for those.  Photoshop has away of dispersing fog but can't really fix the low light conditions under a mile of cloud and fog.  The Greenland White-fronted Goose was in place at Biscay Bay and was closer than last time but the fog and drizzle was drifting between us and the goose being driving by a gale of SW wind.  We were heading home up the north side of the Loop when we came to the photo stopper of the day.  It was too close for my telephoto lens so Ken took the picture below with his scenery lens.
What does it mean? Our guesses were 1) someone is having a baby, 2) someone is getting a warm welcome home after six weeks at sea, 3) it is someone's 40th birthday.
Lawn art near the little community of St. Mary's on the southern Avalon Peninsula on April 20, 2013. Forty bras waving in the wind.  What happened here???  Photo by Ken Knowles. 
Three female Harlequin Ducks swimming out of the inner most part of Cripple Cove near Cape Race.  Harlequins are tough to get photos of in Newfoundland because they are generally feeding at exposed rocky points or over shoals where you can not get with a camera. This photo opportunity was challenged by thick fog and low light.  

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