Friday 12 October 2012

12 Oct 2012 - The  Avalon Weekend Birding Forecast

A fast moving, fairly intense Low pressure moving through eastern Canada and over Newfoundland gave strong West winds over the whole island of Newfoundland today. A second Low sweeping in over night and through Saturday with strong and far reaching SW winds will plow through in 24 hours. On Sunday the cooler winds will be strong from the West.  These three days of strong airflows from the West and Southwest should bring a few interesting birds to Newfoundland. Not expecting any abundances of birds but this kind of set up at this fantastic time of year could produce a Blue Grosbeak/Indigo Bunting wave something like a year ago.  Possibly Cliff Swallows will appear in small flocks along the eastern edge of the Avalon.  It might be a few days or weeks down the road before we discover a major rarity that was in fact brought here by this weekend weather.  It is a good time to get out and be ready for anything.

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  1. Townsend's Solitaire in central Ontario this week - something to consider with the wind conditions you are experiencing. I knew you would switch to a gyrfalcon for your home page, by the way. There really is no other bird.


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