Tuesday 26 May 2020

A Reeve on Display - 26 May 2020

No excuses for lack of Blog posts. There have been birds I could have posted about.  Actually the blog had been violated for more six weeks so that is some of the reasoning.  I'll get back into it face first with these pictures of a female Ruff at a pool on Back Line, Goulds, Newfoundland today - 26 May 2020.  We get a couple or more Ruffs per year April-October in Newfoundland.  Even though they look like a common generic shorebird they are unique in their way make them interesting every time.

What do you think about Ruffs now even if it is a female?  The Ruff is not closely related to any other species in the shorebird group. As the phalaropes are a distinct group among the shorebirds, I think Ruff deserves to be in its own group.

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