Friday, 23 June 2017

A Stir Fry for American Robins

Looking for something to point a camera at yesterday evening I opened up on some American Robins gathering food by the Cape Spear parking lot.  The robins are accustomed to people and cars coming and going throughout the day.  They were wary when you stopped to look at them but were easy to stalk and shoot from the car.  It was probably just two birds that kept returning to a patch of mowed grass beside my parked car.  The dark backed bird was probably the male and the paler bird the female. The dark upper back of the 'male'' is a feature regularly seen on Newfoundland robins.  The youngsters were being well fed in a hidden nest according to the number of trips with food made by the adults.

The ingredients for a well rounded healthy stir fry for robins include - caterpillars a la moth, red wiggler earthworms, a few straws of grass and a dash of moss.

And it is more of the same for the next meal.

The male robin (dark neck and upper back) captured its share of groceries for the household as well. 

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