Thursday 7 March 2013

Gull Head Quiz

Not much to post when jailed in an office Mon-Fri.  Last weekend when birding was rather slow in the rain and fog I decided to practise with the new version III 2x Canon converter attached to the Canon 500mm f4 lens on some tame gulls in the Quidi Vidi Lake parking lot.  I know some people do well with converters but I rarely use them, preferring the straight lens then cropping later if need be. On March 3rd I took all the following gulls head shots in the parking lot. There are five species here and no individual is shown twice.  This is a quiz.  There are no tricks or abnormal looking gulls. Answers Friday evening. (Tip: All but one is an adult).
Photo # 1
Photo # 2
Photo # 3
Photo # 4
Photo # 5
Photo # 6
Photo # 7
Photo # 8


  1. 1 and 2 are Common Gulls, 3 is an Iceland, 4 is a Ringer, 5 and 6 are Iceland, 7 is Glaucous, and I believe 8 is also Glaucous (but I would like to see the rest of the bird). And I'm gonna say that 3 is the obvious non-adult, although 1 could also be a non-adult. -JP

  2. Wait, 8 is actually a HEGU. The mantle is too dark. -JP

  3. Who cares... Sweet Lens/TC Combo!!! Just kidding I do care, but still nice kit!!! ;)


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