Saturday, 2 April 2016


All of these pictures were taken while on holidays 17-30 March 2016.  Can you identify the location?

The answer is ARIZONA.  A perfect answer to escape late winter in Newfoundland. Not a single drop of precipitation for two weeks.


  1. How many of these photographed birds do you need for Newfoundland?

  2. Amazing. Not a single gull or duck in these photos!

    I am jealous.

  3. Did not see a single pond or lake in two weeks driving 1680 miles around AZ, except for one sewage lagoon with a few Cinnamon Teal and Mexican Ducks. It was also a gull-free two weeks.

  4. Bruce: Speaking of lakes, next time you are in Arizona you might like the drive west along route 289, which heads in that direction off highway 19, which, in turn, runs south from Tucson/Green Valley towards Nogales. A relatively short distance along 289, you will come to Pena Blanca Lake, a beautiful jewel in the desert with good riparian habitat, and home, for the most of this winter, of Rufous capped Warbler. In Arizona, as you know, you have to take water where you can find it. Your last shot looked particularly inviting. Cheers,

  5. Nice Montezuma Quail. I was going to mention that Thor Manson would like the last photo, but he beat me to the punch.

  6. After trying a good many America IPAs, that beer in the picture was one of five Sierra Nevada company brewed brews that I tried that fit my taste buds perfectly. I remember the Label but not the name....

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    1. coming to newfoundland from texas in august. any hints on the birding? Will be staying on West Coast in the Rocky Harbor, and Gros Morne Natl Park areas. Am a birder but not accustomed to this part of the world. Help!


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