Tuesday 1 September 2015

Autumn Vagrant Hunting Season Opens

September 1st marks the beginning of the real fall birding. The vagrant hunting season is here. It is a period when any day has the potential to be a great day. All it takes is that phone call or a lucky find yourself.  The season is open for three months from September to November (92 days). Actually the season runs well into December. What will the collection of autumn rarities look like in 2015? How big will the rarity of the fall be?  It takes all of us to build up a rich haul of rarities. Start Now.....

The highlight of the fall of 2011 was the Fork-tailed Flycatcher at Renews 14-23 October.  Can we beat that in 2015?


  1. That last image should be in a museum, or art gallery, or on my wall....

  2. Thanks. There happens to be a sale on Fork-tailed Flycatcher photos this season. You can have the RAW version of that shot for half price. After 30 Nov price goes back to the normal price of One Pint per Picture.

  3. I'm sure a Meadow Pipit would beat that Fork-tailed Flycatcher!

  4. Yes it would but Meadow Pipit needs a longer tail to help float it across the Atlantic. Willing to work out a deal on couriering Newfoundland Savannah Sparrows for Irish Meadow Pipits. There are nearly daily non-stop flights between St. John's and Dublin. Interested? It is only a five hour flight. No body reads these comments do they?!!

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