Tuesday 16 June 2015

Summer 2015

Summer has more or less arrived on the island of Newfoundland. True the wind swept alders along the coast do not have leaves yet but the birds are not waiting.  The birds are heavily into the breeding season.  The last of spring migration was a week ago.

It is time to look ahead into summer. The shearwaters and whales hunting for spawning capelin along the coast is something to look forward to.  Maybe there will be a rare southern tern or rare dark hooded gull harbouring among the common local species. Some of the very rarest and oddest birds hardly on the rarity radar can show up in summer.  

June is nesting month. There are lots of warblers and songbirds in the woods in their best plumages and singing up a storm. In two weeks the song will already be winding down and the songbirds will be looking a little rough around the edges.

It is easy to get complacent and let summer roll by.  Don't let it happen to you!  Below are a few pretty birds from the past weekend.

The Blackpoll Warbler, male above and female below, are one the commonest breeding warblers on the Avalon. They are attractive enough in their way.

The Black-and-white Warbler is also an abundant Avalon nesting warbler. And is the tamest and most curious warbler.

A pair of Pine Grosbeaks feeding on dandelions seeds on the roadside is a regular June sight across the province.  Goldfinches, siskins and juncos also take advantage of this food source. The pink of the males Piner turns a more fiery red in summer

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