Tuesday 25 February 2014

This Ain't No QV Lake

There something about this picture that doesn't fit Quidi Vidi lake.  For one thing the leaves are already out in full on the cecropia tree.

The people here put out watermelons at their bird feeders and attract all kind of things.  Anyone think of trying watermelons?

The squirrels look a little funny around here as well. You should hear them in the predawn!!

Okay it should be clear I am far far far away from Quidi Vidi Lake.  This is Costa Rica (latin for Birder's Heaven).  This is one of my lifers taken in the deep rain forest.
A Black-crested Coquette, just one of the 14 life birds so far. I saw 350 species during a visit here in 2008.  Not sure why I ever left.  

Snowy Newfoundland and Quidi Vidi Lake is but vague memory.  Anyone can come here. No need to be anyone special even though it feels like living the life of a King & Queen. Ok daylight is fast approaching. The howler monkeys surely have the whole place awake by now.


  1. HA! I know that tree with the toucan in it - off the Lakeview lookout at the Casonas. No look left of that and across the valley for Lovely Cotinga. And the Howler Monkey is in the same tree that we saw one in, too - on that lower trail. Beautiful Black-crested Coquette. Looks like all is going as per the plan...

  2. I was going to make just about the exact same comment. Also look down and a little right for the bellbird. In that cecropia I took a pic of Pale-vented pigeon, Lineated Woodpecker, and a Baltimore Oriole in the same frame...

  3. Ok OK ! That is enough. I looked left and right but without a scope there is now way to see a small bird down there in the vast vista of forest below. It looked like a fine place for raptor watching but I didn't find the place until my last couple hours of daylight in the area.
    BTW before the toucan flew in there were three Black-cheeked Woodpeckers in that tree.

    B Mactavish

    1. I know. I photographed those woodpeckers two weeks ago. And a couple of black-cowled orioles and a pair of Passerini's Tanagers and a Long-tailed Tyrant and a mind-blowing Tropica Parula in the croton bush right in front of the concrete bench. And what do you mean, you only found the place with two hours of daylight left? I told you where it was. And it is an excellent raptor spot - White Hawk, Bicoloured Hawk and King Vulture come to mind...

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