Saturday 8 June 2013

Franklin's Gull at Witless Bay June 8, 2013

Saturday was a nice day to be out but it was a fairly lack luster Avalon Loop trip birdwise until I heard about a Franklin's Gull at Witless Bay being found my Chris Ryan. Witless Bay was right on the way home.  Got to the little tidal cove on the west side of the road across from the Needs convenient store. Nothing there. Got out of the car for a more thorough look and it flew right in over my head and landed on the sand. Amazing, a genuine Franklins Gull. An adult in perfect plumage.  Too good to be true. Franklin's Gulls used to be more regular in Newfoundland, especially in early May. Recently it is seen in the province maybe every second year.

It began rapidly poking its bill in the water. Photos would show it seemed to be getting little crustaceans (gammarids).   Chris Ryan showed up and we watched if for 20 minutes before it flew back over the road.  The tide was rising.  The following are some of the pictures of this beautiful gull.

Short-tailed Swallowtail at St. Shotts lighthouse where there were many on the dandelions. Why are they most numerous at lighthouses?

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