Saturday 9 March 2013

Quiz Answers

The answers to the gull head quiz are here.
# 1 Common Gull - adult in full winter plumage
# 2 Common Gull - adult in winter plumage with orbital ring turning red for spring
# 3 Iceland Gull - 3rd winter
# 4 Ring-billed Gull - adult loosing winter head streaking and bill becoming brighter yellow
# 5 Iceland Gull - adult with full head of winter streaking
# 6 Iceland Gull - adult with white-ish head. Could be winter plumage
# 7 Glaucous Gull - adult in winter plumage showing characteristic pinkish wash in basal half of bill,
# 8 Herring Gull - adult in spring plumage showing bright orange bill and yellow-orange oribital ring

Some other gulls that have been in this same parking lot in past winters.

This adult Ivory Gull spent two weeks in winter 2008 at Quidi Vidi Lake, St. John's. Here it is first thing in the morning, still with an overnight frosting, waiting to be fed moose sausages.
This Black-tailed Gull was a permanent fixture at Quidi Vidi Lake Dec 2010-April 2011 where it became very tame and eagerly accepted food handouts at the parking lot.

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