Friday 7 February 2014

Boreal Owl Interlude

The Boreal Owl is naturally  rooted to Newfoundland, yet they go about their activities mostly unnoticed by mankind.  It is a mystery how they survive here with nothing but meadow voles as a potential food source. The recent and rapid spread of the forest loving rodent, the red-backed vole accidentally introduced to the island of Newfoundland, could be a bonus for the little forest dwelling owls. While there has been a distinct increase in Northern Saw-whet Owl sightings, Boreal Owl sightings have not really changed.   

On 6 Dec just after finishing shovelling the 30 cm of light and fluffy snow that fell during the night the phone rang. It was about a small owl sitting in a rose bush by the door of a house only five minutes away.  The owl was easy to see sitting on a rose stalk by the door. Apparently the residents had shovelled the walkway only the length of a shovel away without disturbing the owl. 

It was a genuine treat to get to see this bird.  I figure it is about every third year I get to see one these during daylight.
Resting on the lee side of house during a 30 cm fall of snow, resulted in snow accumulating on this sleeping Boreal Owl only one metre from a walkway while it was being shovelled. 

The wind kept on waking up the little owl trying to hold on to a perch exposed to the gusting wind

It was considerate of the owl to fly to a larch tree giving the photographs a more natural scene. 

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