Wednesday 8 May 2013

Off Blogger but Still Birding - in Alberta

Just to let readers know I am actively birding but have not been in position for posting lately.  Currently in a hotel room in Medicine Hat, Alberta taking a break from the camping. This was Day 6 of a nine day birding/photography trip to Alberta.  Turns out I was a little early and the spring was very late for some of the birds I was hoping to point the camera at but everyday something interesting happens.  Today it was running into a flocks of migrant McCown's Longspurs at the southeast corner of the province.  There will be plenty of photos to sift through when I get home on Sunday.
May there always be more Swainson's Hawks!  This is one of the species I was counting on to be present in full summer numbers but they were late in arrving due to an exceptionally long cold prairie spring. However, they waste no time once arriving.  I saw another Swainson's Hawk sitting on a nest.

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